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 Function Maintenance  (Validity:25days Published:2019/9/12) [apply]


1, the above techniques (electronic professional), age: 21 ~ 30;

2, electronics factory maintenance work more than 2 years experience;

3, are familiar with electronic circuitry, can maintain an independent analysis of functional defect. There are radio frequency (RF) product maintenance work experience is preferred;

4, are familiar with SMT soldering techniques, can QFN / BGA and 0402 components, dismantling, welding technology to meet the requirements to ensure that

5, actively cooperate with the production scheduling, real-time feedback bad reasons, put forward proposals to improve the timely processing of non-performing board, reducing the number of WIP deposit;

6, to obey their superiors arrangements, timely completion of tasks.

 业务助理3名  (Validity:30days Published:2016/10/21) [apply]

(1)有1年以上工作经验;对电子产品有一定程度的了解。(在电子来料加工厂工作过优先考虑) (2)中专以上学历;懂电脑的一般操作。18-30岁。
月薪:底薪+提成 其他:公司可以提供住宿;伙食自理。


 PIE Process Engineer  (Validity:20days Published:2009/12/12) [apply]


1. PCBA at least five years of electronic processing (in particular, there is a plug-in, executive tin, after welding, testing) of working experience, including more than 1 year PIE (PE) engineer's work experience;

2. PCBA familiar with the relevant patches, plug-in, assembly operating procedures and operating essentials;

3. PCBA familiar with the relevant testing and inspection standards, will use the commonly used detection tools and instruments;

4. Able to work independently to carry out the relevant work-related guidance and training;

5. Familiar with the way IE7 processes such as analysis and management tools, can independently collect, collate and analyze all relevant operational information, to produce "applicable" all kinds of operating instructions;

6. Able to increase production efficiency or product quality to ensure the needs of tooling fixture of independent planning and norms;

7. Can be aided engineering director / production department heads of the relevant process improvement action plan, promote and follow up on work;

8. Will use a variety of office software, AUTOCAD, CAM350 and other engineering software.

9. Able to design a common tooling fixture or be able to read simple English informant preference.

 Service Engineer  (Validity:30days Published:2009/12/12) [apply]

1) post-secondary and higher education, have at least 5 years pcba processing / pcba trading company, work experience, including at least two years pcba electronic processing technology / Quality Engineer / Sales Engineer work experience;

2) were self-motivated type attitude to life, able to withstand the huge consumer pressure, the courage to face the challenges raised customer requirements;

3) The master pcba design and manufacture of associated infrastructure, technologies and knowledge;

4) be able to handle the pcba quotes, customer orders for delivery confirmation and follow-up, integrated and coordinated handling customer complaints, customer reminders, etc. to be paid with the customer service work; 5) must be able to read and write English and e-mail and related customer information in English .

 resource development engineer  (Validity:days Published:2009/12/12) [apply]

1) The science and engineering class college education, there are at least five years of independent procurement of electronic components work experience (non-assistance nature of work); a new supplier more than one year working experience in independent development.

2) The customer's new projects can be based on the original foreign language BOM, the independent inquiry carried out the work quickly.

3) be familiar with the development process of new suppliers can be independently developed a variety of new electronic components (resistive and capacitive parts, 23 tubes, IC, etc.), especially PCB, connectors, LCD and other non-standard parts and a variety of plug-ins The new material suppliers.

4) strong interpersonal communication skills, with an independent professional negotiating skills and negotiating experience.

5) can independently read and understand a variety of electronic components specifications, lists "of the original BOM material" and "alternative materials" inconsistent specification details.

6) must be able to read information in English, in particular the various electronic components can independently understand the English specification (in spoken English does not require).

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